Left Behind The Kids #6


Dramatization of books #34-40 in the Left Behind Kids Series

Audio Movie Description

Based on the final seven books (#34-40) in the best-selling Left Behind: The Kids Series, these live-action radio episodes are filled with impressive action and sound effects that kids will love. The Live-Action Audios follow a group of teens who were “left behind” when other friends and family members were taken to heaven by God in the Rapture. All they have left is their friendship and their growing faith in Jesus Christ.

The last several years have been tough for them, but in these final spectacular episodes they will receive the greatest reward. With background plots from Left Behind #10: The Remnant, Left Behind #11: Armageddon, and Left Behind #12: Glorious Appearing, kids won’t want to miss the fantastic conclusion to this series.


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4 hours 41 Minutes